sexta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2013

Daniel Carriço

Was there much competition for Carrico’s signature? 

AB: There was talk of Manchester United taking a look at him very seriously a couple of years ago, and fees of £20 million were quoted.  This is obviously a great opportunity for Reading - I think it’ll work out really well for them, it’s an extraordinary bargain – they say there’s no value in January, but it could turn out to be an incredible signing.  It’s great for the player too. In the Premier League if he’s playing games and playing well he’ll almost certainly get into the Portugal squad. Bento knows him, and rates him – so this could be a very, very good signing. 

O irmão de uma grande amiga minha partilhou isto comigo e fiquei muito orgulhosa, embora triste, por mais um negocio destes concretizado pelo Sporting.

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